Extra long board! 47”x 6”  this board is made of Alder wood. It is creamy with warm tones.  Durable and spectacular in it’s presentation .  Because of the length I need to charge for shipping. It does not fit into any of the standard boxes. Prior to shipping I would inform you of the cost so that you can make the decision for yourself. 

This board is an amazing eyecatcher! It is a rich and hearty board with handles from a little town in the south of Italy!

The colors that run through the board are absolutely amazing! There is gold, soft brown, dark brown, hints of copper and green!

Cheeses and salamis, prosciutto and mortadella, grapes and strawberries just pop on this beautiful Board!

This board will be an amazing asset to any home with people who love to entertain! It is a beautiful standalone piece that will draw attention to itself with or without charcuterie items on top of it! 

All Geppetta boards are made with wood that is 100% food safe. Each board is hand selected, sanded, branded and then conditioned with my proprietary wood conditioner of 100% food safe mineral oil and 100% beeswax.

Cleaning of your Geppetta board is simple. Gently wash with warm water and soap, thoroughly air dry. Add mineral oil or a butcher block conditioner to keep it vibrant.


You are purchasing an heirloom piece that is a one-of-a-kind cheeseboard, serving platter, charcuterie board, grazing board. This piece can be enjoyed and handed down for years and years to come!