Absolutely stunning spalted Alder round -ish Charcuterie board with turquoise resin in the split. The colorings and the markings on this board are absolutely beautiful. It is a very dramatic piece. This board can be used as  Art as well as a beautiful charcuterie board/cheeseboard. This board is 100% food safe. Use it, love it, hand it down as an heirloom piece.


This is an amazing Large Spalted Alder board with creamy cocoa browns and warm gold coloring has dark brown lines running through it and will grace any countertop it’s it’s on.

The dimensions are perfect for any size party and would be a perfect serving piece for everything from meats and cheeses to sushi or cupcakes! Let your mind run wild!

The free form movement of this board is intoxicating! It is a very dramatic piece that will look absolutely stunning on any countertop with OR without charcuterie on top of it!

All Geppetta Boards are an exceptional value due to their size, superior quality wood! They have substance and the dimensions both width and length offer a greater value than most other wood shops.

All Geppetta boards are made with wood that is 100% food safe. Each board is hand selected, sanded, branded and then conditioned with my proprietary wood conditioner of 100% food safe mineral oil and 100% beeswax.

Cleaning of your Geppetta board is simple. Gently wash with warm water and soap, thoroughly air dry. Add mineral oil or a butcher block conditioner to keep it vibrant.

You are purchasing an heirloom piece that is a one-of-a-kind cheeseboard, serving platter, charcuterie board, grazing board. This piece can be enjoyed and handed down for years and years to come!