Geppetta Charcuterie Boards are Italian inspired. Since I was a young girl, I have spent my summers in my grandfathers home in a small village in the south of Italy. I was always impressed by the fun that the Italians had while sharing meals.

On my last few trips, I have enjoyed the charcuterie experience! Simply put it’s just great food on a board with everyone sharing  salami, prosciutto, cheese, bread, capers, olives and fruits off the same board! I came home and decided that I would like one for myself but I could not find one that was of European quality… so I created one.

My friends and family loved them and started requesting them and the rest is history! I hope you enjoy the charcuterie board experience as much as I do!

Board Features


Each one of my serving boards are created from hardwood slabs that I hand select, have cut to my specifications, hand sand and then condition with my proprietary blend of food safe mineral oil and local 100% beeswax.To make your board  truly unique I hand select unique hardware that complements each board.

I am constantly on the lookout for hardware both locally and in Italy. I travel annually to Italy where I go to many small villages visiting antique stores, hardware stores, outdoor markets and old homes. I then either bring it back with me in my suitcase or have it shipped to my home in California where I decide which board gets which Italian hardware!

All of my boards are of heirloom quality and will be a piece that you will be proud to have on display for years to come.

I add rubber feet on the underside to protect your tables.

Enjoy using this all natural serving board to serve cheeses, condiments, meats, pastries, breads, tapas, fruit, sushi, deserts, candies , nuts etc, This piece has too many uses to list (especially for any foodie, chef or soiree). These are great to gift, but also nice to have around the house to compliment your culinary creations. They’re all different, unique, organic and food safe!

Geppetta Boards fully function as a durable cutting board, an elegant appetizer board/serving platter, or even a centerpiece/tablescape that instantly beautifies any surface it graces, just as it would stage up anything that sits on it.

Geppetta Boards are not a machine-manufactured item; minor imperfections maybe expected in any unique, handcrafted work 

They are finished with all natural mineral oil and then a coat of my proprietary blend of mineral oil and Beeswax. Mineral oil is a non-drying oil, which means that it will not polymerize (form a plastic-like substance) over time. This is good for oiling wood surfaces that are in contact with water because it will stay a bit liquid in the wood and flow into cracks and scratches. It is also food-safe and won’t go rancid or support microorganisms. Mineral oil is inexpensive and available at a wide variety of stores. Periodic reapplication of the oil after cleaning the board will return it to like new condition. Use mild soap during cleaning and it should not be submerged in water.

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If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Thanks for looking!