Our handmade Italian charcuterie boards can be curated to any size you want! We also offer popular engraving brass plaques that will help to make your gift uniquely memorable!

Let us know what you were looking for and we will contact you back shortly!

A few tips to get started: 

Color: What do you like?  Light or dark wood?

Length: How long would you like your board to be? We custom make your board from anything as small as 18 inches to as long as 6 feet.

Width: How wide would you prefer the board to be? Typically they are as wide as 7 inches to 2 feet depending on the wood.

Handles: What style board are you trying to create? Modern? Tuscan? Shabby chic? Eclectic? The handles will certainly set the tone and feel for the board!

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email letting us know what your vision is or let us help you design a vision!

We are happy to send you pictures of our unique handles and  assist with your wood choices as well! There is no extra charge for this one-on-one consultation!

Our engraved boards make awesome gifts for:

  • New Home
  • Bridal Shower
  • Engagement
  • Graduation
  • New Baby
  • Job Promotions
  • Baptisms 
  • Christmas