An Italian summer charcuterie board!

An Italian summer charcuterie board!

Robin Ratajczak
Italian Summer Charcuterie Board


• Fresh peaches, sliced
• Buffalo mozzarella, sliced
• Prosciutto, thinly sliced
• Blueberries
• Fresh tomatoes, sliced
• Balsamic glaze


1. Prepare the Ingredients: Start by washing and slicing the fresh peaches and tomatoes. Ensure the buffalo mozzarella is drained and sliced to your preferred thickness. Arrange the prosciutto and wash the blueberries.
2. Arrange the Board: On a beautiful charcuterie board, place the ingredients in neat rows. Begin with a row of fresh peach slices, followed by a row of buffalo mozzarella. Next, lay out the thinly sliced prosciutto, followed by a generous scattering of fresh blueberries. Complete the arrangement with a row of vibrant tomato slices.
3. Finishing Touch: Place a small bowl of balsamic glaze near the charcuterie board. This allows guests to drizzle the glaze over their selection, enhancing the flavors with a touch of sweetness and acidity.


I prefer using buffalo mozzarella over burrata mozzarella for this charcuterie board. Buffalo mozzarella offers a firm yet creamy texture without being as runny as burrata, making it perfect for easy handling and pairing with other ingredients.

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