Create BOUNTIFUL  Charcuterie/Grazing Boards for under $45!

Create BOUNTIFUL Charcuterie/Grazing Boards for under $45!

Robin Ratajczak

I ran to my local Vista farmers market where I was able to purchase some freshly picked cherries, organic carrots, multicolored zucchini and radishes. I then ran to my local Fraizer Farms and picked up  three hard cheeses, a goat cheese, and an inexpensive triple cream brie as well as smoked turkey and fresh Italian bread.  I then went to my pantry and raided  it and my fridge as well. I was able to find olives, artichokes in oil, chocolate, almonds, some salami and sopprasatta , a delicious ranch dressing and also some hummus. Within about 15 minutes I was able to create an amazing and very satisfying board for all!  When you get a moment take a look at the video in my previous blog that shows a high speed video on how I put my board together! I had enough goodies to actually create two boards for less than $45!   We nibbled for hours! 


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