Geppetta boards can be as big or as small as you want them to be. Charcuterie for two is super fun for date night or picnics. When I have really large events, I always create more than one board to ensure my guests have plenty at hand.

It is 5 feet x 10 ” wide! Dramatic!  Sizes vary between 8-10” wide. 

This charcuterie board/grazing board is absolutely stunning! It has a very dramatic live edge with gorgeous handles from a small town in the south of Italy!

Great For

This EXTRA LARGE Live Edge Warm Walnut Board will add to the beauty of any home! This exquisite board has such a nice dark, deep, rich, warm, brown color with golden hues running deep throughout it. The romantic and classic handles add to the exquisite elegance of this gorgeous piece!

Gorgeous deep rich brown and gold hues running throughout the length of the board! A great board for cheeses, meats, olives, breads, sushi,  chocolate and even cupcakes and cakes! 

This board will be an amazing asset to any home with people who love to entertain! It is a beautiful standalone piece that will draw attention to itself with or without charcuterie items on top of it!

This piece can be enjoyed and handed down for years and years to come! Just a few special occasion gift ideas if you are not purchasing this for yourself… weddings, anniversaries, housewarming, retirement , birthdays, bridal showers! This would truly be one of the most memorable gifts that the recipient will ever receive!


All Geppetta boards are made with wood that is 100% food safe. Each board is hand selected, sanded, branded and then conditioned with my proprietary wood conditioner of 100% food safe mineral oil and 100% Local beeswax.

ALL Geppetta Boards are handmade. I sell the majority of my boards at California wineries, gift shops, farmers markets. I am creating new boards on a daily basis and they typically sell before they get to my website. Just look around and see what you like and text me or message me and I will create something special for you! 

All of my boards are of Heirloom Quality... a true keepsake.


The board you were looking at has sold however I can make something equally beautiful for you. Please feel free to contact me directly at 760-807-5206 and we can discuss your handle options and the kind of board that you would like!

Shipping is 7-10 days after you place your order.

Care Instructions 

Cleaning of your Geppetta board is simple. Gently wash with warm water and soap, thoroughly air dry. Add mineral oil or a butcher block conditioner to keep it vibrant. You are purchasing an heirloom piece that is a one-of-a-kind cheeseboard, serving platter, charcuterie board, grazing board.