Caprese skewers are a must on your board!

Caprese skewers are a must on your board!

Robin Ratajczak

Super simple ... beautiful.... and delicious! 

I love to get a lot of my “supplies”  at Trader Joe’s. It is a great one stop for my Charcuterie Boards!  The quality is always superior, the prices competitive,  the selection amazing! For my Caprese  skewers I purchased a basil plant /usually located at the front of the stores, mini mozzarella balls/ in the cheese section and pearl tomatoes/ in the produce section.   Simply nestle a mini mozzarella ball and a pearl tomato in the the basil leaf. Put a toothpick or fancy skewer through it. I love to use their glazed balsamic  drizzle however I choose to put the jar  on the board so that my guests can use it at their discretion. The reason being is that the drizzle only looks pretty on the mozzarella  for a short period of time…  after 20 minutes it will still taste good but it is not as eye appealing as it is, when it is initially drizzled.


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