The Only way to break a heart💕

The Only way to break a heart💕

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The ever popular breakable heart is so easy to make! You can purchase the mold and chocolate and little hammers on Amazon! Links below.

Super simple to do. I like to clean my molds with a dab of vodka. It adds a shine to your chocolate!

Melt your chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals until it is nice and runny. 

Pour into your mold and cover all the surface area. Pop in the the freezer for 10 minutes. Apply another coat and freeze  an additional 10 minutes.

Time to release from the mold. It’s easy to do. I like to wear gloves so that there are no finger marks and it’s a sanitized way to do it.

 Don’t worry it won’t break ...just gently pull the mold away from the chocolate. 

You can leave it plain. Or you can decorate it however you would like. I like to melt a different color chocolate and simply drizzle it across on a diagonal. You can also buy cake dust and mix it with vanilla extract or vodka. And you can use a pastry brush to sprinkle the dust on top. 

I just think these are the absolute cutest thing to give on Valentine’s Day. I will be giving them for Easter to my nieces and nephews instead of Easter baskets. Under the molds I will be placing a bunch of candy! That’s why I am the favorite aunt! Haha! 

2 Pieces Diamond Heart Mousse...

HomeHere Gold Luster Dust Edible Cake Gold Dust, Gold, 7 Grams


Check out Hobby Lobby for melting chocolates. They’re often on sale for only $1.99 a bag. One bag will make two hearts! But just remember that really any chocolate will do.

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William wright
William wright
I think it’s awesome that you came up with the idea 💡

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